Regulatory Authority

Example Definitions of "Regulatory Authority"
Regulatory Authority. Any national, regional, state or local government, court, governmental agency, authority, board, bureau, instrumentality or regulatory body in the European Union and the United States of America having jurisdiction over the development, manufacturing and commercialization of the Product.
Regulatory Authority. Any applicable supra-national, federal, national, regional, state, provincial, or local governmental or regulatory authority, agency, department, bureau, commission, council, or other entities (e.g., the United States Food & Drug Administration) regulating or otherwise exercising authority with respect to activities contemplated in this Agreement, including the Exploitation of the Licensed Products
Regulatory Authority. Means the U.S. Department of Agriculture or other similar regulatory body, agency or entity and their respective successors anywhere in the world, that grants approvals, licenses, registrations, authorizations on behalf of any national, multi-national, regional, state, or local agency, department, administration, bureau, fund, commission, council or other governmental entity relevant to the manufacture, marketing and/or sale of products or services, or the fulfillment of the Parties' respective... obligations hereunder. View More
Regulatory Authority. Shall mean an authorized agent of any federal, state or local or international regulatory agency, department, bureau or other governmental entity, including the FDA, that is responsible for issuing approvals, licenses, registrations or authorizations necessary for the production, use, storage, import, transport or sale of Products in any jurisdiction as part of the Services.
Regulatory Authority. Any federal, national, supranational, multinational, state, provincial or local regulatory agency, department, bureau or other governmental entity with authority over the use, treatment, or discharge of water in the United States of America, including but not limited to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and any state or local agency with the authority to enforce the Clean Water Act of 1972 (as amended from time to time)
Regulatory Authority. Means any federal, national, multinational, state, county, city, provincial, or local regulatory agency, department, bureau or other governmental entity with authority over the marketing, commercialization, manufacture or sale of a pharmaceutical product in a country or jurisdiction, including the FDA in the United States and the EMA in the EU.
Regulatory Authority. With respect to a country, the regulatory authority or regulatory authorities of such country with authority over the testing, manufacture, use, storage, importation, promotion, marketing, pricing or sale of a pharmaceutical product in such country.
Regulatory Authority. Means any country, federal, supranational, state or local regulatory agency, ministry, department, bureau or other governmental entity having authority in any country, region, or supra-national jurisdiction to grant a Regulatory Approval, such as the FDA, EMA or any equivalent governmental entity in any other country.
Regulatory Authority. Means the FDA in the United States or the equivalent regulatory authority or entity having the responsibility, jurisdiction, and authority to approve the manufacture, use, importation, packaging, labeling, marketing and sale of pharmaceutical or biological products or medical devices in any country other than the United States.
Regulatory Authority. Any applicable Governmental Authority involved in granting Regulatory Approval for, and responsible for the regulation of, the product in any jurisdiction, including the FDA, EMA, and any corresponding Governmental Authority
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