Reimbursement Amount

Example Definitions of "Reimbursement Amount"
Reimbursement Amount. As of any Payment Date, the sum of (x)(i) all Insured Payments paid by Ambac, but for which Ambac has not been reimbursed prior to such Payment Date, plus (ii) interest accrued on such Insured Payments not previously repaid calculated at the Late Payment Rate from the date the Indenture Trustee, or any other Person at its direction, received the related Insured Payments or the date such Insured Payments were made, (y) (i) all costs and expenses of Ambac in connection with any action, proceeding... or investigation affecting the Issuer, the Trust Estate or the rights or obligations of Ambac hereunder or under the Transaction Documents including any judgment or settlement entered into affecting Ambac or Ambac's interests plus (ii) interest on such amounts of the Late Payment Rate and (z) without duplication (i) any amounts then due and owing to Ambac under the Insurance Agreement or the Indenture plus (ii) interest on such amounts at the Late Payment Rate. View More
Reimbursement Amount. Reimbursement Amount means, with respect to any Credit Insurance Receivable, any amounts owed to the provider of the Credit Insurance from the proceeds of the Receivable or the Collateral Security or Collections with respect thereto covered by such Credit Insurance.
Reimbursement Amount. As of the Initial Implementation Date or the Other Implementation Date(s), as applicable, (i) with respect to each Recently Decisioned Future Legacy Claim, the difference between the applicable Settlement Payment and the amount Radian actually paid on such Recently Decisioned Future Legacy Claim, and (ii) with respect to each Recently Curtailed Future Servicing Only Claim, the amount of the applicable Curtailment
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