REIT Shares Amount

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REIT Shares Amount. A number of REIT Shares equal to the product of (a) the number of Investor Units and (b) the Adjustment Factor in effect on the date on which the exchange described in Section 7(a) takes place; provided, however, that in the event that SFTY issues to all holders of REIT Shares as of a certain record date rights, options, warrants or convertible or exchangeable securities entitling SFTY's stockholders to subscribe for or purchase REIT Shares, or any other securities or property (collectively,... the "Rights"), with the record date for such Rights occurring on a day preceding the exchange date, which Rights will not be distributed before the exchange date, then the REIT Shares Amount shall also include such Rights that a holder of that number of REIT Shares would be entitled to receive, expressed, where relevant hereunder, in a number of REIT Shares determined by the General Partner in good faith View More
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