Related Party

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Related Party. Any five (5) percent or more shareholder of Seller, any director or officer of any Company, or any Person related by blood or marriage to any such person and who lives in the same household of such Person.
Related Party. Means, with respect to the Principal, (a) the spouse and each immediate family member of the Principal and (b) each trust, corporation, partnership or other entity of which the Principal beneficially holds an 80% or more controlling interest
Related Party. (a) a Subsidiary of the Parent Company, including the Company; (b) an employee or group of employees of the Parent Company or any Subsidiary of the Parent Company; (c) a trustee or other fiduciary holding securities under an employee benefit plan of the Parent Company or any Subsidiary of the Parent Company; or (d) a corporation owned directly or indirectly by the stockholders of the Parent Company in substantially the same proportion as their ownership of Voting Securities.
Related Party. Means, with respect to any Family Member (including any Permitted Transferee): (i) the Direct Relatives of such Family Member; (ii) any Qualified Trust with respect to such Family Member; (iii) a corporation, limited liability company, or other entity organized under the laws of any state in the United States which is Controlled by, and all equity, participation, beneficial or similar interests (and rights to Acquire any thereof, contingently or otherwise) of which are Beneficially... Owned solely by, such Person or such Person and one or more Related Parties of such Person referred to in this definition; or (iv) any other Person who is related to such Family Member as described in Section 355(d)(7)(A) of the Code. View More
Related Party. An immediate family member (as defined in Item 404 of Regulation S-K under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended) or an Affiliate of a Holder
Related Party. Means the officers, directors, stockholders, employees, agents, representatives and Affiliates of any Person.
Related Party. Means Licensee, Affiliates of Licensee, Sublicensees and Affiliates of Sublicensees.
Related Party. With respect to any Person, any other Person whose ownership of Shares would be attributed to the first such Person under Code Section 544 (as modified by Code Section 856(h)(1)(B)).
Related Party. Means, with respect to any specified Person, such Person's affiliates and the respective directors, officers, employees, agents and advisors of such Person and such Person's affiliates.
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