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Example Definitions of "Related Writing"
Related Writing. Each Loan Document and any other assignment, mortgage, security agreement, guaranty agreement, pledge agreement, subordination agreement, financial statement, audit report or other writing furnished by any Borrower or any Obligor, or any of their respective officers, to Lender pursuant to or otherwise in connection with this Note.
Related Writing. This Note and any indenture, note, guaranty, assignment, mortgage, security agreement, subordination agreement, notice, financial statement, legal opinion, certificate, or other writing of any kind pursuant to which all or any part of the Bank Debt of Borrower is issued, which evidences or secures all or any part of the Bank Debt of Borrower, which governs the relative rights and priorities of Bank and one or more other Persons to payments made by, or the property of, any Obligor, which is... delivered to Bank pursuant to another such writing, or which is otherwise delivered to Bank by or on behalf of any Person (or any employee, officer, auditor, counsel, or agent of any Person) in respect of or in connection with all or any part of the Bank Debt of Borrower; View More
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