Release Certificate

Example Definitions of "Release Certificate"
Release Certificate. A certificate, signed by the Grantor's Chief Financial Officer, stating (1) that such certificate is being furnished pursuant to Section 15(b) of this Agreement; (2) that the signer has reviewed the consolidated quarterly financial statements of the Grantor identified in, and copies of which are attached to, such, certificate; (3) that the person signing such certificate has reviewed the requirements of Section 15(b) of this Agreement; and (4) that the Earnings Release Condition has been... satisfied and setting forth the amount for each such quarter on which the satisfaction of the Earnings Release Condition is based. View More
Release Certificate. An officer's certificate (which will be concurrently delivered to Trustee) substantially in the form of Exhibit A to this Agreement, signed by the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer or any Executive Vice President of the Company, certifying to Escrow Agent on behalf of the Company as to the matters specified in Exhibit A, directing Escrow Agent to disburse the Escrow Funds in accordance with the payment instructions contained in the certificate
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