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Release Effective Date. The Business Day immediately after the date by which all of the following have occurred: (i) subject to Section 3 of this Agreement, the Net Proceeds received by AIG or its Subsidiaries in respect of the Maiden Lane II Interests are used (x) by AIG or its Subsidiaries to make a payment to the AIA SPV in respect of the AIA SPV Intercompany Loan and (y) by the AIA SPV to make a distribution of such Net Proceeds in accordance with Section 5.03 of the AIA SPV LLC Agreement, (ii) at least... $5,576,121,382.04 of the Net Proceeds from the March 7/8 Transfer are used by the AIA SPV to make a distribution in accordance with Section 5.03 of the AIA SPV LLC Agreement and (iii) at least 52% of the Maiden Lane III Interests are included in the Collateral (as defined in the GPPA) and the Transaction Liens on such Collateral are valid, perfected, first priority (except as otherwise expressly provided in the GPPA) security interests View More
Release Effective Date. The 8th day following the date on which Executive signs the Release if Executive has not revoked the Release and subject to Executive signing the Release within 21 days following termination of employment (or such longer period as required by applicable law or agreed by the parties, but in any event no more than 45 days following termination of employment).
Release Effective Date. Means such date, if any, upon which the conditions stated in Section 3.2(i) have been satisfied.
Release Effective Date. Means the date, which must occur during the Release Period, on which the Release becomes effective and is no longer revocable by the Participant.
Release Effective Date. The date on which the release becomes binding and irrevocable.
Release Effective Date. Shall have the meaning set forth in Subsection 14(c)(1) hereof.
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