Release Notice

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Release Notice. A written notice, signed by a Responsible Officer, that requests the release of Liens in favor of the Collateral Trustees in, the subordination of the Collateral Trustees' rights in, or the agreement of non-disturbance with respect to, certain Collateral, describes in reasonable detail such Collateral and that certifies to the Collateral Trustees and the Credit Facility Lenders that (a) such subordination, non-disturbance or release with respect to such Collateral, as applicable, is permitted... under the applicable terms of the Credit Facility Agreement and (b) a Potential Default or an Event of Default under the Credit Facility Agreement is not then in existence View More
Release Notice. An Officer's Certificate requesting release of the Escrow Property signed by an Authorized Person of the Escrow Issuer in the form attached hereto as Annex I, certifying as to the matters specified therein.
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