Example Definitions of "Relocation"
Relocation. Provision of any of the Services from, or transfer any Content to, any location outside of the United States of America or Canada without NHL's prior written consent, except that provision of Content in response to an authorized User's request via a Service provided to the public via the Internet shall not be deemed a Relocation.
Relocation. Employee's permanent relocation to San Diego, California.
Relocation. Executive's relocation of his principal place of business from McLean, Virginia or the immediately surrounding area
Relocation. A material change in the geographic location at which Executive must perform services (which, for purposes of this Agreement, means the relocation of the Company's current headquarters in Radnor, Pennsylvania at which Executive is principally employed to a location more than 50 miles from Radnor, Pennsylvania).
Relocation. The Corporation requiring the Executive to move and relocate to a new principal place of the Executive's employment by the Corporation, which is more than thirty-five (35) miles further from the Executive's principal place of residence than the Executive's principal place of employment was prior to such change.
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