Remedial Action

Example Definitions of "Remedial Action"
Remedial Action. Any removal or remedial action under CERCLA or any like requirement under any federal or state statute or regulation, including all associated investigation and operation and maintenance, undertaken at either the Aerojet Sacramento Site or the Aerojet Azusa Site.
Remedial Action. Subject to the limitations contained in this Agreement, any one or more of the following remedies: (i) the acceleration of any indebtedness under any Financing Document or declaration of the entire amount of any indebtedness under any Financing Document to be due and payable; (ii) the initiation of any power of sale or any similar right; (iii) the initiation of bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings; (iv) a request for appointment of a receiver; (v) the initiation of any remedies with... respect to rents or other revenues payable with respect to any Collateral; (vi) the acceptance of a transfer of the Premises or any other Collateral in lieu of foreclosure; or (vii) the institution of suit for purposes of seeking a monetary judgment. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall grant any Party any rights or remedies not otherwise provided by any of the Financing Documents or applicable law. View More
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