Representations Regarding Purchased Loans

Example Definitions of "Representations Regarding Purchased Loans"
Representations Regarding Purchased Loans. Section (x)(12) of Schedule 15.3 to the Repurchase Agreement is amended and restated in its entirety as follows: (12) are the subject of a Current Appraisal that complies with all applicable requirements of FIRREA of which the Seller has possession and which the Seller will make available to the Custodian on request, and the Seller has in its possession and will make available to the Custodian on request evidence of value and how it was determined; or, if any Purchased Loan is not the subject... of such a Current Appraisal, (i) the Seller has received a Property Inspection Waiver finding from the applicable FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA automated underwriting program with respect to such Purchased Loan or (ii) such Purchased Loan is exempt from appraisal delivery requirements under FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA underwriting guidelines (e.g., eligible FHA streamlined refinance) and such Purchased Loan is eligible for purchase by an Approved Investor without a Current Appraisal. View More
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