Required Consents

Example Definitions of "Required Consents"
Required Consents. Means (i) the approval of the Amended Certificate by the Company's stockholders and the filing of such certificate with the Delaware Secretary of State, (ii) approval of amendments to the Series AA Registration Rights Agreement, the Series BB Registration Rights Agreement, the Existing Series CC Registration Rights Agreement and the Stockholders' Agreement and (iii) waivers by the holders of the Company's Preferred Stock of preemptive rights to purchase the Shares.
Required Consents. All licenses, consents, permits, approvals, and authorizations that are necessary for Applied to perform its obligations under this Agreement (other than governmental licenses and permits necessary for Applied to carry on its business generally irrespective of this Agreement), including all licenses, consents, permits, approvals, and authorizations necessary to allow (a) Applied and its employees, contractors, and agents to use, in connection with performing the Services, (i) the Brooks... Facilities, (ii) services related to the Covered Products that are provided for the benefit of Brooks and Customers under their respective third party services contracts, and (iii) the Brooks Materials and other software, hardware, documentation, manuals, and technical information in the possession of Brooks or Customers related to the Covered Products; and (b) Applied to order Covered Parts from Brooks Parts Suppliers. View More
Required Consents. Written consents from each of the GSEs consenting to the Settlement Agreement pursuant to Section 8(a)(i)
Required Consents. Means all authorizations, actions, approvals and consents required under any Legal Requirement or Contract for Seller to transfer the Assets and the Business to Buyer.
Required Consents. The consent of all persons and entities (including any applicable governmental units or agencies) whose consent is required by law, by contract, by Regulatory Agreement or otherwise for the transfer to Purchaser or its designees of any of the Transferred Assets, the Fund Interests and the Operating Partnership Interests, or the lack of whose consent would constitute a violation of any law or contract applicable to the Transferred Assets, the Fund Interests, the Operating Partnership Interests,... or the Operating Partnerships, including the consents of lenders, Tax Credit allocating agencies and the partners or members of any Operating Partnership or Fund View More
Required Consents. The material filings, registrations, notifications, approvals, waivers or expiration or termination of any waiting periods that are necessary or required, as set forth in Section 6(b).
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