Required Lenders

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Required Lenders. Means the "Required Lenders" as defined in the Credit Agreement
Required Lenders. Means the "Required Lenders" Required Lenders as defined in the Credit Agreement Agreement.
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Required Lenders. The Administrative Agent may, or upon the request of the Required Lenders, the Administrative Agent shall, by notice to the Borrower declare the Commitments to be terminated forthwith, whereupon the Commitments shall immediately terminate.
Required Lenders. Shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Loan Agreement.
Required Lenders. With respect to the First Priority Assets, both VPEG I and Kodak and with respect to the Second Priority Assets, Matheson alone
Required Lenders. The Lender (or Lenders) holding a majority of the issued or issuable Registrable Securities
Required Lenders. At any time Lenders then holding Loans representing more than two-thirds of the Loans then outstanding
Required Lenders. In Section 1.1 of the Loan Agreement shall be hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: ""Required Lenders" means, at any time, (i) prior to the first date on which VHP, VIP and their respective Affiliates no longer hold outstanding Loans and/or unfunded Disbursement Commitments in an aggregate amount equal to or greater than 25% of the unfunded Disbursement Commitments held by VHP and VIP on the Agreement Date, VIP, and (ii) thereafter, Lenders (including VIP for so long as it... or one of its Affiliates is a Lender, but excluding the Specified Lenders or any assignee or transferee thereof) having Pro Rata Shares of which the aggregate Dollar equivalent amount exceeds 50% of the outstanding Loans (excluding any Loans held by the Specified Lenders or any assignee or transferee thereof) and the unfunded Disbursement Commitments, collectively." View More
Required Lenders. The Required First Out Waterfall Lenders.
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