Research and Development

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Research and Development. All (a) short-term and long- term basic, applied and developmental research and technical assistance and specialized research support of customers or active prospects, targeted national accounts, of Verso operating divisions; (b) information relating to: manufacturing and converting processes, methods, techniques and equipment and the improvements and innovations relating to same; quality control procedures and equipment; identification, selection, generation and propagation of tree species... having improved characteristics; forest resource management; innovation and improvement to manufacturing and converting processes such as shipping, pulping bleaching chemical recovery papermaking, coating and calendering processes and in equipment for use in such processes; reduction and remediation of environmental discharges; minimization or elimination of solid and liquid waste; use and optimization of raw materials in manufacturing processes; recycling and manufacture of paper products; recycling of other paper or pulp products; energy conservation; computer software and application of computer controls to manufacturing and quality control operations and to inventory control; radio frequency identification and its use in paper and packaging products; and product or process improvement, development or evaluation; and (c) information about methods, techniques, products, equipment, and processes that Verso has learned do not work or do not provide beneficial results ("negative know-how") as well as those that do work or provide beneficial results. View More
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