Example Definitions of "Resident"
Resident. Any Person who occupies a dwelling within the Community, has a present intent to remain within the Community for a period of time, and manifests the genuineness of that intent by establishing an ongoing physical presence within the Community together with an indication that such presence within the Community is something other than merely transitory in nature. To the extent the Person is a corporation or other business entity, to be a Resident the principal place of business or headquarters of... the corporation or business entity must be in the Community. To the extent a Person is a personal benefit plan, the circumstances of the beneficiary shall apply with respect to this definition. In the case of all other benefit plans, circumstances of the trustee shall be examined for purposes of this definition. The Mutual Holding Company, the Holding Company and the Bank may utilize deposit or loan records or such other evidence provided to it to make a determination as to whether a Person is a resident. In all cases, however, such a determination shall be in the sole discretion of the Mutual Holding Company, the Holding Company and the Bank. A Person must be a 'Resident' for purposes of determining whether such person 'resides' in the Community as such term is used in this Plan. View More
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