Restricted Account

Example Definitions of "Restricted Account"
Restricted Account. A demand deposit account maintained at Lender for Borrowers as a restricted account
Restricted Account. Deposit Accounts (a) established and used (and at all times will be used) solely for the purpose of paying current payroll obligations of Loan Parties or the Parent, payroll taxes, worker's compensation or unemployment compensation, pension benefits and other similar expenses to or for the benefit of any employees and accrued and unpaid employee compensation (including salaries, wages, benefits and expense reimbursement) (and which do not (and will not at any time) contain any deposits other... than those necessary to fund current payroll or expenses to or for the benefit of employees), in each case in the Ordinary Course of Business, (b) maintained (and at all times will be maintained) solely in connection with an employee benefit plan, but solely to the extent that all funds on deposit therein are solely held for the benefit of, and owned by, employees (and will continue to be so held and owned) pursuant to such plan, (c) used specifically and exclusively for taxes required to be collected or withheld (including, without limitation, federal and state withholding taxes (including the employer's share thereof), taxes owing to any governmental unit thereof, sales, use and excise taxes, customs duties, import duties and independent customs brokers' charges) for which the Loan Parties or Parent may become liable, (d) which, individually or in the aggregate with all other accounts under this clause (d), does not have an aggregate balance which exceeds $100,000 at any time, or (e) solely with respect to the Parent, used solely in connection with a rabbi trust View More
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