Restricted Common Stock

Example Definitions of "Restricted Common Stock"
Restricted Common Stock. Shares of Common Stock which are, or which upon their issuance upon the exercise of any Warrant would be required to be, evidenced by a certificate bearing the restrictive legend set forth in Section 3.2.
Restricted Common Stock. Means a number of shares of each class of Common Stock held by a Management Holder equal to (a) the total number of shares of such class of Common Stock held by such Management Holder as of immediately after the Conversion, multiplied by (b) the Restricted Stock Percentage set forth opposite such Management Holder's name on Schedule A hereto. If any shares of Restricted Common Stock are converted into or exchanged for another class of Common Stock, the restrictions set forth in this Agreement... shall continue to apply to the shares of Common Stock into which such shares of Restricted Common Stock are converted or for which they are exchanged. View More
Restricted Common Stock. Any shares of Common Stock that are subject to resale restrictions pursuant to the Securities Act and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, including, but not limited to, securities: (1) acquired directly or indirectly from the issuer or an affiliate of the issuer in unregistered offerings such as private placements; (2) acquired through an employee stock benefit plan or as compensation for professional services; or (3) considered "restricted securities" under Rule 144. For purposes... of clarity Restricted Common Stock does not include Common Stock that is restricted solely as a result of contractual restrictions, including but not limited to lock-up or similar contractual agreements View More
Restricted Common Stock. Means Common Stock acquired pursuant to a right to purchase or receive Common Stock granted pursuant to Section 9, below
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