Restricted Items

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Restricted Items. The meaning specified in Section 7.7 which shall be amended and restated to read as follows: "Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, this Agreement shall not constitute an agreement to assign any Purchased Asset, Assumed Agreement, Assumed Deposits or other Assumed Liability, or any claim or right or any benefit arising thereunder or resulting therefrom if an attempted assignment thereof, without the consent of a third party thereto, would constitute a breach thereof or in... any way affect the rights of an HSBC Seller or its Subsidiaries thereunder or be contrary to Applicable Law (any item so restricted from transfer or assignment, a "Restricted Item"). If any such consent or approval is not obtained, Assignor will use commercially reasonable efforts to cause the HSBC Seller to use its reasonable best efforts (which shall not require Assignor or such HSBC Seller to pay any money or other consideration to any Person or to initiate any claim or proceeding against any Person) to secure an arrangement reasonably satisfactory to Purchaser ensuring that Purchaser will receive the benefits under the agreement for which such consent is being sought following the Closing; provided, however, that Assignor shall have no obligation to obtain or to cause the HSBC Seller to obtain such consent or approval or to provide or cause an HSBC Seller to provide such an alternative arrangement other than the undertaking to use reasonable best efforts to obtain or provide the same as set forth in this Section 7.7 and Purchaser shall remain obligated to close the transactions contemplated herein, subject to the other provisions hereof, and, shall have no remedy for failure of Assignor or the HSBC Seller to obtain any such consent or approval or to provide any such alternative arrangement." View More
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