Restricted Person

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Restricted Person. Any person who is (or was) employed or engaged by or who provides (or has provided) services to the Client or any Affiliate and who the Consultant (and/or any other person performing the Services on the Consultant's behalf) has managed or with whom they have had material and/or regular dealings in the course of the Engagement or, where the provision would apply after the Engagement ends, at any time during the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding its termination and who (i) is in any... senior, managerial, sales, broking, trading, other revenue generating, analyst, client management, marketing, business development, technical or IT role (provided that this restriction shall not apply to purely clerical or administrative staff; or (ii) has or has otherwise had responsibility for or influence over customers, clients or counterparties; or (iii) is or was in possession of Confidential Information and/or could materially damage the interests of the Client or any Affiliate. View More
Restricted Person. Means any person in the Restricted Area who was an investor or business partner, a client or customer, or prospective client or customer of the Company Group during the Relevant Period and with whom Participant had material business dealings during the Relevant Period.
Restricted Person. Each of the Persons listed on Exhibit A, or any Affiliate of or successor in interest to such Persons. Beacon reserves the right to update the list of Restricted Persons on Exhibit A upon 30 days' written notice to Executive to add any other Person that is engaged in any aspect of the Business, so long as the number of Restricted Persons does not increase, Beacon makes such changes with respect to all executives subject to substantially similar restrictive covenants and Beacon has not received... notice that Executive intends to become employed by any such newly added Restricted Person(s). View More
Restricted Person. Means any person, who, on the date of the Closing, was performing or, in the (12) month period preceding the date of the Closing, had performed or been contracted to perform services as an employee or other service provider, for the Business.
Restricted Person. Shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 6(a) of this Article EIGHTH.
Restricted Person. Means anyone employed or engaged by the Company or any Group Company at a management level or in a sales, business development, finance, IT operations or development role who could materially damage the interests of the Company or any Group Company if they left their employment or were involved in any Capacity in any business concern which competes with any Restricted Business and with whom the Executive dealt or had personal contact within the six month(s) before Termination in the course of... your employment but excluding anyone employed solely in an administrative, clerical or unskilled manual role. View More
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