Restricted Stock Units or RSUs

Example Definitions of "Restricted Stock Units or RSUs"
Restricted Stock Units or RSUs. Those amounts credited to a Participant's Deferral Account, which give such Participant the right to receive one share of Company restricted stock on such terms and conditions are established under the Stock Plan. The terms and conditions of such awards (including the vesting provisions related thereto) will in all instances be applied to the Restricted Stock Units credited hereunder
Restricted Stock Units or RSUs. Means, subject to the terms and conditions of the Notice and this Award Agreement, an unfunded and unsecured promise to deliver cash or property to the Participant in the amount set forth in the Notice. For this purpose, RSUs are a record-keeping account established by the Company in the Participant's name. All amounts attributable to the RSUs will be and remain the sole property of the Company until such time the RSUs are settled and extinguished pursuant to the terms and conditions of the... Notice and this Award Agreement. View More
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