Restricted Unit Award

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Restricted Unit Award. A Stock Incentive providing for a grant of a unit or units representing an amount of cash or shares of Common Stock or a combination of each, which become free of restrictions specified by the Committee if continued employment and/or Performance Goals or other criteria, circumstances or conditions arise, exist or are attained; and which may but need not include, without limitation, corporate, divisional or business unit financial or operating performance measures, as more particularly described... in Section 13.9. View More
Restricted Unit Award. A grant of Stock Unit subject to a risk of forfeiture or other restrictions that will lapse upon the achievement of one or more goals relating to completion of service by the Participant, or achievement of performance or other objectives, as determined by the Administrator.
Restricted Unit Award. An award of Units granted to an Eligible Recipient pursuant to Section 7 of the Plan that is subject to the restrictions on transferability and the risk of forfeiture imposed in accordance with the provisions of such Section 7
Restricted Unit Award. (ff) "Restricted Unit Award" or "RUA" means an award of Units granted under the Plan subject to such restrictions and conditions as the Board may determine at the time of grant.
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