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Results. Means Ad Sets or Ads.
Results. Means Ad Sets or Ads. Ads
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Results. All results obtained during conduct of the RESEARCH and improvements referred to in Article 11.2. made among others of reports, plans, calculation notes, laboratory notebooks, know-how, prototypes, source codes, patents
Results. Any research, preclinical, clinical, development, or testing results, data, and related Information generated, developed, created, or originated by or for Institute or NTI in connection with the Research Plan or Research Program.
Results. Shall mean all data, information, findings, know-how, substances and biological material, inventions, improvements and/or discoveries (irrespectively whether or not protectable under state, federal or foreign intellectual property laws), resulting from and made by or for OrthoCyte and/or OrthoCyte's Affiliates by carrying out the Project.
Results. Means the product or other deliverables made pursuant to the MDA, including the Products, the processes and documentation resulting from the Services (exclusive of financial information or financial records of Patheon), and all Intellectual Property rights conceived, developed, generated, and/or acquired under or in connection with the performance of the Services by Patheon. Results shall include, without limitation, any and all Severable Improvements. The Parties agree that the Results shall... however not include any financial information or financial records of Patheon. For the purpose of clarity, the Parties agree that the products and other deliverables made under the scope of the K1 Contract, K2 Contract, K3 Contract, and K4 Contract (each as defined below) shall be deemed to be Results from the Services under this MDA. View More
Results. Mean all data, information and other deliverables and results derived from a Project or use of the Collaborator Technology
Results. Any and all completed or in-progress patentable or non-patentable inventions, original works of authorship, derivative works, trade secrets, technology, copyrightable material, notes, records, drawings, designs, inventions, improvements, developments, discoveries, computer software, application programming interfaces, ideas, discoveries, algorithms, protocols, compositions, formulas, processes, trademarks, service marks, patents, copyrights, techniques, knowhow and data, and all improvements... and rights, if any, related to the foregoing that are made, conceived, reduced to practice, fixed in a tangible medium of expression, or developed by Company, either alone or jointly with others, during the Term that result from any of the Services that Company has performed, or will perform for Customer, and all other results of Company's work performed in providing the Services under this Agreement. View More
Results. Means all results, inventions, data, reports and other Intellectual Property Rights made by ATI arising from the Services.
Results. All results, inventions, data, reports and other Intellectual Property Rights made by or on behalf of Tallac arising from the Services
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