Example Definitions of "Retainer"
Retainer. The base annual retainer fee paid to each Non-Employee Director by the Company. It does not include committee retainer fees, meeting attendance fees, committee chairperson's retainer fees or any other compensation other than the base annual retainer fee.
Retainer. The amounts payable to a Director as an annual retainer fee, if any, for his or her service as a Director during a Plan Year and the fees, if any, for serving as chairperson of a committee of the Board during a Plan Year
Retainer. The portion of a Non-Employee Director's annual compensation that is payable without regard to number of board or committee meetings attended or committee positions
Retainer. The cash portion of the annual retainer paid by the Company to a Non-Employee Director, and does not include the portion of the annual retainer (if any) paid in the form of "Performance Shares"
Retainer. Means the amount payable by the Company to a Qualified Director for holding office as a Qualified Director, exclusive of fees specifically paid for attending regular or special meetings of the Board and Board committees, fees for acting as chair of the Board or a Board committee, expense allowances or reimbursements, insurance premiums, charitable gift matching contributions and any other payments that are determined by reference to factors other than holding office as a Qualified Director.
Retainer. The annual base cash retainer paid to all Outside Directors for service on a Board. The term "Retainer" shall not include meeting fees, travel expenses, fees or additional retainer for service on committees of a Board, and fees or additional retainer for service as chairman of a Board. If an Outside Director is serving on more than one Board, the highest annual retainer for any of the Boards shall be used. When an Outside Director is first elected or appointed to a Board, the Retainer shall be... the annual retainer payable for a full year, even if the Outside Director serves less than a full year. View More
Retainer. The annual cash retainer offered by the Company to Non-Employee Directors for service on the Board for a Reduction Year, and shall include cash retainers offered for service on committees of the Board, cash retainers offered for committee chair positions, cash retainers for the lead director position, and other similar positions
Retainer. The retainer payable to a Non-employee Director from the Company, whether for service on the Board of Directors or a committee thereof and whether such retainer be paid, annually, quarterly or in some other manner
Retainer. The sum of the Basic Retainer and any Additional Retainer to which a Director is entitled under this Plan
Retainer. Shall mean the annual cash retainer and the additional cash retainer for committee chairs and lead director payable to a Director as established from time to time by the Board of Directors.
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