Retention Payment

Example Definitions of "Retention Payment"
Retention Payment. The amount of the retention value as of the date of grant, as set forth on Exhibit A hereto in respect of that Participant, and, as applicable, as may change prior to the Retention Payment Date as the result of a change in share price or the imputation of dividend shares. Such amount may be expressed and be payable in cash, or it may be a cash-settled or share-settled restricted share unit grant with or without dividend equivalent reinvestment that are made under the terms of the Northeast... Utilities Incentive Plan (or any successor thereof), or any combination thereof. The number of any restricted share units (where such number is determined by reference to a dollar value) shall be based on the closing price of common shares of the Company on the day on which an award hereunder is granted View More
Retention Payment. Shall mean, with respect to each Participant, the amount set forth on such Participant's Notice of Participation.
Retention Payment. Means four hundred thousand dollars and zero cents ($400,000.00).
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