Retirement Age

Example Definitions of "Retirement Age"
Retirement Age. Age 50
Retirement Age. Age 55 or later with a minimum of 10 full years of service with the Company and/or its Subsidiaries.
Retirement Age. The time that the Participant is at least age 55 and the sum of the age of the Participant and the Participant's years of service with the Corporation and/or one of its wholly owned subsidiaries is at least 75.
Retirement Age. Means one specified date for each Participant occurring on the earlier of: (1) Participant's attainment of age sixty-five (65), or (2) the later of Participant's attainment of age fifty-five (55) or the tenth (10th) anniversary of his Date of Hire. When an Employee becomes eligible to participate in the Plan, the Plan Administrator shall determine the Retirement Age for the Employee as one specified date in accordance with the foregoing.
Retirement Age. Shall mean the attainment of age 65.
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