Revocation Order

Example Definitions of "Revocation Order"
Revocation Order. An Order that (a) has become final and non-appealable; (b) is not based on substantive grounds (e.g., that Purchaser or its Affiliates are inappropriate entities for the ownership or operation of the Initial Facilites), but rather on (i) procedural grounds (e.g., that the West Virginia Health Care Authority erred in the discovery process in connection with the hearings on the CONs), (ii) a determination that a substantial change has occurred that warrants loss, revocation, termination or... rescission of the CONs (e.g., that the change in the terms of the transactions under the SPA resulting from this Amendment constitutes a substantial change) or (iii) other similar grounds; and (c) would require Purchaser or its Affiliates to apply for Replacement CONs in order to consummate the Amended Transactions View More
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