Revolving Credit Maturity Date

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Revolving Credit Maturity Date. The term "Revolving Credit Maturity Date" is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: "July 27, 2011, or such earlier date on which the Loans become due and payable pursuant to Section 7.2 hereof."
Revolving Credit Maturity Date. The earliest to occur of (a) the first anniversary of the date of this Agreement, after which the Revolving Credit Maturity Date will continue to be extended for successive one year periods unless prior written notice of non-extension is given by a Lender to the Borrower at least six (6) months in advance of such renewal date, (b) the termination of the Revolving Credit Facilities and (c) the spinoff of Newmark from BGC such that Newmark will no longer be a subsidiary of BGC at such time
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