Revolving Loan Commitment

Example Definitions of "Revolving Loan Commitment"
Revolving Loan Commitment. Means, for each Lender, the obligation of such Lender to make Revolving Loans to, and participate in Facility LCs issued upon the application of, the Borrower in an aggregate amount not exceeding the amount set forth below or as set forth in any Notice of Assignment relating to any assignment that has become effective pursuant to Section 12.3.2, as such amount may be modified from time to time pursuant to the terms hereof.
Revolving Loan Commitment. As of any date of determination, the several obligations of the Lenders to make advances to the Borrower as of such date, in accordance with their respective Revolving Commitment Ratios. As of the Third Amendment Effective Date, the Revolving Loan Commitment is $150,000,000, and may be reduced or increased pursuant to the terms of this Agreement
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