RGI Technology

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RGI Technology. Means technological models, algorithms, manufacturing processes, design drawings (whether manual or electronic), design processes, prototypes, behavioral models, schematics, test vectors, know-how, computer and electronic data processing and other apparatus programs and software, databases and documentation thereof, trade secrets, technical information, specifications, drawings, records, documentation, works of authorship or other creative works, ideas, knowledge, data or the like that is owned... by or licensed to RGI (to the extent RGI may grant a license or sublicense to such intellectual property) as of the Effective Date, including without limitation information useful to the practice of the inventions claimed in the OSI Patents, except that RGI Technology shall exclude any and all information, know-how, formulation or trade secrets relating to the manufacture of the Catalyst, whether developed prior to or subsequent to the Effective Date. View More
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