Rights Offering Outside Date

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Rights Offering Outside Date. The One Hundred Twentieth (120th)-day anniversary of the Issuance Date, as such date may be extended by the Maker, but in no event for more than an additional aggregate of one hundred eighty (180) days, if (i) the Commission issues a stop order suspending the effectiveness of any registration statement relating to the Rights Offering or the initiation of proceedings with respect to such a registration statement under Section 8(d) or 8(e) of the Securities Act, (ii) the Board determines, in its... good faith judgment, that the Rights Offering should not be undertaken because it would reasonably be expected to materially interfere with or require the public disclosure of any material corporate development or plan, including any material financing, securities offering, acquisition, disposition, corporate reorganization or merger or other transaction involving the Maker or any of its Subsidiaries or (iii) the Maker possesses material non-public information the disclosure of which the Board determines, in its good faith judgment, would reasonably be expected to not be in the best interests of the Maker and its Subsidiaries View More
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