Rights Offering

Example Definitions of "Rights Offering"
Rights Offering. The offering of the Rights as described in the Rights Offering Prospectus and expected to close on July 18, 2008
Rights Offering. Shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals hereof.
Rights Offering. A rights offering commenced on or after September 3, 2014 and consummated on or prior to March 31, 2015, pursuant to which the Company anticipates issuing to holders of its Common Stock (and certain Person(s) who have the right to acquire shares of Common Stock) rights to subscribe for and purchase shares of Common Stock
Rights Offering. The meaning given such term in the Standby Purchase Agreement
Rights Offering. Means any public offering of subscription rights to purchase Units consisting of Notes and RLNs by Iterum and the Company to holders of Ordinary Shares on a pro rata basis in accordance with their share ownership as of a record date to be determined by the board of directors of Iterum or a committee thereof. The Purchasers and their Affiliates shall not be entitled to purchase any Units pursuant to the Rights Offering (regardless of whether or not under Irish or other applicable law such... subscription rights are required to be offered to the Purchasers). View More
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