Rights Period

Example Definitions of "Rights Period"
Rights Period. Shall mean the period between the Final Closing and the earliest to occur of (i) the first date that the Investor Shares constitute no more than ten (10) percent of the Company's outstanding Common Stock (on a fully diluted basis assuming exercise or conversion of all options, warrants, conversion rights and other rights exercisable for or convertible into Common Stock), (ii) the first date after January 1, 2010 that the market price of the Common Stock has exceeded $4.50 (adjusted for stock... splits, consolidations and similar transactions) for 60 consecutive trading days, and (iii) the closing of the sale of substantially all of the assets of the Company, a merger involving the Company in which the shareholders of the Company prior to the transaction own less than 50% of the surviving entity or a similar change of control transaction. View More
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