Example Definitions of "ROIC"
ROIC. For a fiscal year, the Company's return on invested capital, calculated by dividing the Income Base by the Capital Base, where (1) the Income Base is equal to the Company's operating income as set forth in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for such fiscal year as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, multiplied by the reciprocal of the Company's effective tax rate for such fiscal year, and (2) the Capital Base is equal to the average of the Company's beginning and ending... stockholders' equity and long-term debt as set forth in such Annual Report. If the Committee makes adjustments to the Average Annual ROIC percentages specified in Section 2(b) on account of a Disposed Business, the Capital Base for each applicable fiscal year shall be reduced by the amount of any cash received in consideration for the Disposed Business if and to the extent (1) such cash consideration exceeds $1 billion, and (2) such consideration is used to repurchase outstanding common stock or retire long-term debt. View More
ROIC. Means, for a fiscal year, the Company's return on invested capital, as defined by the Committee at its regularly scheduled meeting in March 2009.
ROIC. Has the meaning defined in the Statement of Performance Goals.
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