Routine Expenses

Example Definitions of "Routine Expenses"
Routine Expenses. The following expenses: (i) expenses(including, without limitation, legal, accounting, filing and other fees) incurred by the Company or the Manager in connection with the formation, operation, dissolution or termination of the Company and that are not specific to any particular portfolio or the securities therein (such as, for example, legal and accounting fees in connection with the Company dissolution, tax return preparation and filing costs, and annual report fees) in an aggregate amount... from and after the Effective Date not exceeding $50,000 which will be shared 50/50 among the Class A Member and the Class B Members; (ii) fees and out-of-pocket costs of evaluating, negotiating, structuring, documenting and effecting transactions by the Company in either Portfolio A or Portfolio AA of up to $5,000 per fee or expense, including finders, placement, brokerage, accounting, legal, investment banking and other fees; (iii) taxes, fees or other governmental charges levied against the Company or in connection with its business or operations; (iv) costs of litigation and similar matters of up to $5,000 per fee or expense (including matters that are the subject of indemnification pursuant to Section 10) View More
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