Example Definitions of "Royalties"
Royalties. Shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 10.3.
Royalties. Means (A) as to Atari, the Glu Net Sales payable to the Atari under Paragraph 4.2 below, and (B) as to Glu, the Atari Net Sales payable to the Glu under Paragraph 4.2 below.
Royalties. Royalties calculated as a percentage of Net Sales and payable by Licensee to CASE under this Agreement
Royalties. Has the meaning assigned to it in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
Royalties. The Other Royalties and the Peñasquito Royalty
Royalties. All amounts payable under Paragraph 3 of this Agreement.
Royalties. Royalties payable to Licensor by the Licensee under this Agreement as a result of sales of the Licensed Products by the Licensee.
Royalties. Notwithstanding any provision of the Agreement, including, without limitation, the royalty rate pursuant to Section 3.1.2 and the duration of the Royalty Period as determined pursuant to Section 1.2.2 of the Agreement, the Parties hereby agree that with respect to royalties due on Net Sales generated under the Roche Agreement: If the amount that would be due to Hadasit under Section 3.1.2 (as may be adjusted in accordance with Section 3.3) of the Agreement on any Net Sales under the... Roche Agreement exceeds fifty percent (50%) of the amount due to Lineage on account of such Net Sales, the Royalties due to Hadasit under the Agreement with respect to such Net Sales will be reduced to an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the amount due to Lineage under the Roche Agreement on account of such Net Sales so that Lineage shall never be obligated to pay Hadasit Royalties in respect to any Licensed Product Sold pursuant to the Roche Agreement that exceeds more than fifty percent (50%) of the underlying royalty payment received from Roche; Lineage shall be obligated to pay Royalties to Hadasit in connection with Licensed Products Sold pursuant to the Roche Agreement only starting from and for as long as royalties are paid to Lineage in respect of such Licensed Products under the Roche Agreement; Royalties will be due and payable in the same manner as Sublicensing Receipts, i.e. within [***] of receipt of the underlying payments from Roche. Lineage undertakes to diligently pursue the legal remedies available to it against Roche, should Lineage not receive payment with respect to any Net Sales from Roche within [***] of the end of the calendar quarter in which such Net Sales were generated; and Royalties shall be due and payable to Hadasit in the same currency received from Roche. View More
Royalties. The variable payments based on Net Revenues to be paid by Licensee to Licensor in consideration of the License
Royalties. Shall mean all royalty payments actually received by Eton or any of its Affiliates from the Product Acquiror with respect to Net Sales of Single Agent Products in the Territory by the Product Acquiror, its Affiliates, and the Product Acquiror's and its Affiliates' respective licensees and sublicensees. For purposes of the preceding sentence, "Net Sales" shall have the meaning set forth in the Product Transaction Agreement.
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