Royalty Bearing Product

Example Definitions of "Royalty Bearing Product"
Royalty Bearing Product. A product containing as one of its constituents (i) any ArQule Compound; (ii) any ArQule Derivative Compound; (iii) any Sankyo Derivative Compound synthesized by or for ArQule; or (iv) any other compound discovered or designed by Sankyo from any ArQule Compound, ArQule Derivative Compound, or Sankyo Derivative Compound, or otherwise as a result of information provided by ArQule to Sankyo under the Mapping Array Program or the Directed Array Program.
Royalty Bearing Product. Shall mean a product containing as one of its constituents [*****].
Royalty Bearing Product. Means any HPV immunotherapy (including, but not limited to, an ADVAXIS Development Product that has Regulatory Approval to be used in conjunction or in combination with any PD-1 Antibody or PD-L1 Antibody
Royalty Bearing Product. Means any semiconductor product, including any Licensed Product, made using the Royalty Bearing Licensed Process Technology, provided that Licensor Products shall not be Royalty Bearing Products.
Royalty Bearing Product. A pharmaceutical drug that, absent the license granted in Section 2.1, the sale of which would infringe one or more Valid Claims of an issued Licensed Patent in force in the country in which such drug is sold
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