Sales Revenue

Example Definitions of "Sales Revenue"
Sales Revenue. Means: (i) the total amount received by Licensee for the sale or other disposal of all Royalty Bearing Products to third party customers in arm's length transactions, after deduction of taxes, duties or other governmental charges imposed on the sale of such products; refunds for returned product; trade, quantity, promotional and other customary discounts actually allowed; and freight and packing actually charged on such sales and separately itemized; or if the respective Royalty Bearing Product... is sold or otherwise disposed of in a non-arm's length transaction or in combination with other products where the price attributed to the Royalty Bearing Product is less than the average price for sales during the previous three month period as determined in accordance with "(i)" above, then the Sales Revenue means (ii) such average arms-length sales price determined in accordance with "(i)" above. View More
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