Example Definitions of "Samples"
Samples. Shall mean an individual human DNA sample collected for deCODE's internal research purposes.
Samples. Means retained samples, reference samples and stability samples of the Product, as applicable
Samples. To the extent Controlled by ORGENTEC as of the Effective Date, and related to the subject matter of this Agreement, all serum specimens, blood specimens, DNA material and lymphoblastoid cells generated from patients and/or healthy subjects, which specimens, material or cells were used by the Inventor(s) in the discovery of, or other research and development with respect to, the Initial Products.
Samples. Means all biological samples, including blood, tissue, tumor biopsy tissue, cells and any other biological materials, collected during the Sponsored Clinical Trial
Samples. Urine, blood and tissue samples from patients participating in the Study.
Samples. For each Study, the samples described in the applicable Study Plan for such Study.
Samples. Means blood taken from common Companion Animals.
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