Second Lien Term Loan Agreement

Example Definitions of "Second Lien Term Loan Agreement"
Second Lien Term Loan Agreement. That certain second lien term loan agreement among the Borrower, BNP Paribas, as the agent for the lenders and the lenders party thereto.
Second Lien Term Loan Agreement. A Second Lien Term Loan Credit Agreement entered into on or before December 31, 2007, among Borrower, BNP Paribas, as Administrative Agent, and the lenders party thereto, on substantially the terms and conditions set forth in the Summary of Terms and Conditions dated as of November 27, 2007, and together with all amendments, modifications and supplements thereto permitted by Section 9.9(b).
Second Lien Term Loan Agreement. The Second Lien Term Loan Agreement, dated as of February 7, 2019, as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, among the Company, Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC, each of the lenders from time to time party thereto, Wilmington Trust, National Association, as administrative agent and collateral agent for the lenders party thereto
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