Secondary Ancillary Rights

Example Definitions of "Secondary Ancillary Rights"
Secondary Ancillary Rights. Means any Ancillary Rights other than those primarily or exclusively exploited as Primary Ancillary Rights that are exploited directly in connection with the following, Secondary Ancillary Rights businesses including without limitation: i) and all NASCAR owned and/or operated digital offerings via any platform now known or hereafter developed; ii) Licensing and otherwise exploiting highlight footage and other audio-visual content on third party digital platforms; ... iii) Except as stipulated in Radio Rights Addendum to this Agreement, if applicable, and with the exception of satellite radio, the license of audio content to third parties iv) The license of Ancillary Rights as part of fantasy games and similar content offered on NASCAR platforms and/or third party platforms Notwithstanding that Secondary Ancillary Rights may include elements of, or be derived directly or indirectly from, the Live Transmission of an Event, Secondary Ancillary Rights does not include Live Transmission Rights, Primary Ancillary Rights or rights in or to NASCAR Intellectual Property or third party marks. View More
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