Secured Indebtedness

Example Definitions of "Secured Indebtedness"
Secured Indebtedness. For any period and without duplication, (A) that portion of Total Funded Indebtedness which is secured by a Lien on an asset (excluding Indebtedness secured solely by cash in debt service reserves or sinking funds) plus, (B) that portion of Total Funded Indebtedness described in the last sentence of the definition of "Recourse Indebtedness" which is otherwise not secured by a Lien. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Secured Indebtedness shall exclude all Advances outstanding under the Facility.
Secured Indebtedness. Means any Indebtedness secured by a Lien on any asset or property of the Company or any Subsidiary (other than Indebtedness with respect to (i) any capitalized lease or (ii) the deferred and unpaid purchase price of any asset).
Secured Indebtedness. Any secured indebtedness in favor of a bank or other financial institution to the extent of the value of the assets securing such indebtedness
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