Security Breach

Example Definitions of "Security Breach"
Security Breach. Any breach in the security of the Service, or any actual or threatened use of the Service, a Security Device, or Electronic Channel in a manner contrary to the Agreement, including, without limitation, the introduction of Disabling Code or a Virus to the Service.
Security Breach. (i) any circumstance pursuant to which applicable Law requires notification of such breach to be given to affected parties or other activity in response to such circumstance; or (ii) any actual, attempted, suspected, threatened, or reasonably foreseeable circumstance that compromises, or could reasonably be expected to compromise, either the physical, system or electronic security in a fashion that either does or could reasonably be expected to permit unauthorized processing, use, disclosure or... acquisition of or access to any Owner Data developed, maintained, processed or transmitted by Onboarding Agent or any Onboarding Agent Representatives. View More
Security Breach. Any act or omission that results in the material compromise, misuse, or unauthorized access or acquisition of Non-Public Personal Information
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