Security Incident

Example Definitions of "Security Incident"
Security Incident. Any event including, but not limited to, a hacking attack, system compromise, information mishandling, policy violation, loss of information, theft of information, or fraud that Company knows or suspects might have resulted in a failure to protect the confidentiality of SoundBite Confidential Information.
Security Incident. The actual loss, or reasonable belief that there is any loss, of EIG Confidential Information, or any unauthorized or unlawful access to, use of, or disclosure of, EIG Confidential Information, or any other compromise of EIG Confidential Information.
Security Incident. (l) "Security Incident" means any known or reasonably suspected (i) loss or misuse, any unauthorized access, acquisition, use, disclosure, destruction, deletion, modification, or any other compromise, of Confidential Information; or (ii) other act or omission that compromises, or could compromise, the privacy, security, confidentiality, availability, or integrity of any Confidential Information or the proper functioning of NGS's network resources.
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