Security Instruments

Example Definitions of "Security Instruments"
Security Instruments. The meaning ascribed to such term in the Recitals.
Security Instruments. With respect to each Loan, any loan agreement, subordination or intercreditor agreement, mortgage, deed of trust, assignment of leases and rents, security agreement, guaranty, letter of credit, assignment of life insurance policies, title insurance policy, casualty insurance policy, or other agreement or instrument executed by an Obligor in favor of, or assigned to, Seller as security for such Loan
Security Instruments. Amended by deleting the clause ", the Note Subordination Agreement" from such definition
Security Instruments. Shall mean, collectively, the Mortgage, the Deed of Trust and the Security Agreement.
Security Instruments. The Mortgage(s), Assignment of Leases and Rents, Fixture Filing, and Security Agreement of even date herewith which secures the Real Property Collateral. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined shall have their respective meanings as defined in the Loan Documents.
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