Senior Creditors

Example Definitions of "Senior Creditors"
Senior Creditors. Collectively, the Credit Agreement Lenders and the Convertible Note Holders.
Senior Creditors. Each of (a) (i) PNC Bank, National Association ("PNC Bank"), in its capacity as Administrative Agent under that certain Revolving Credit and Security Agreement (the "Revolving Credit Agreement") dated August 31, 2010, by and among the Company and each person joined thereto as a borrower from time to time, as Borrowers, the financial institutions from time to time party thereto as Lenders (the "Revolving Lenders"), PNC Bank, as Administrative Agent (in such capacity, "Revolving Administrative... Agent") and a Revolving Lender, and UPS Capital Corporation, as Foreign Collateral Agent and as a Revolving Lender, and (ii) the Revolving Lenders and (b) the holders of the 15% Convertible Note. View More
Senior Creditors. Shall mean, collectively, (i) Senior Creditor Agent, (ii) the issuing bank or banks of letters of credit or similar instruments under the Senior Credit Agreement, (iii) each other person to whom any of the Senior Debt (including Senior Debt constituting Other Liabilities) is owed (and including any other lender or group of lenders that at any time refinances, replaces or succeeds to all or any portion of the Senior Debt or is otherwise party to the Senior Creditor Agreements as a Credit Party)... and (iv) the successors, replacements and assigns of each of the foregoing; sometimes being referred to herein individually as a "Senior Creditor". View More
Senior Creditors. Shall mean all holders from time to time of any Senior Indebtedness and shall include, without limitation, the Lender Creditors and the Hedging Creditors.
Senior Creditors. Means all persons who at any time are the holders of Senior Debt, and includes without limitation Bank of America, in its capacity as a lender under the Loan Agreement referred to in Recital A hereto, and its assigns.
Senior Creditors. The Senior Agent, the Senior Lenders and any other Person who holds Senior Indebtedness.
Senior Creditors. Means the holders of the Senior Obligations.
Senior Creditors. Shall mean, as of any date of determination, the Senior Agent, Senior Lenders, and all other holders of Senior Debt as of such date.
Senior Creditors. Shall mean all holders of Senior Debt, collectively.
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