Senior Debt Cap

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Senior Debt Cap. With respect to the Senior Loans, means the aggregate principal amount of the following (all as determined exclusive of all interest, fees (including attorneys' fees) and expenses, amounts (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees and fees, expenses and obligations in respect of returned items and overdrafts or reversed payment orders, and fees and expenses in respect of cash management and treasury management services in line with the customary fees and expenses of a third-party provider... of such services or, if Agent or an affiliate of Agent is the provider, in line with the reasonable and customary fees and expenses of such provider) expended by Agent or Senior Lenders and remitted to Persons other than the Credit Parties to enforce its rights and remedies in respect of the Collateral, the Senior Loans, or both, and all indemnity obligations): (i) $ 30,000,000, plus (ii) during a Proceeding of any Credit Party, incremental principal amount not to exceed (if funded pursuant to a DIP Financing) to 15% of the sum of the aggregate principal amount funded and outstanding under the immediately preceding clause (i) as of the day immediately preceding the commencement of such Proceeding, minus (iii) the amount of all payments of principal of (x) all term loans and (z) revolving loan obligations under the Senior Credit Agreement that result in a permanent reduction of the revolving credit commitments under the Senior Credit Agreement (other than (A) payments of such revolving loan obligations in connection with a refinancing thereof, including any Permitted Refinancing, and (B) any commitment reduction occurring as a result of a default under the Senior Loan Documents that does not constitute a permanent commitment reduction). View More
Senior Debt Cap. Senior Debt which shall not exceed an aggregate principal amount (other than in respect of Bank Services Debt and Hedging Services Debt) of Eight Million Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($8,250,000); provided that the Senior Debt Cap shall not limit that amount of interest, fees, charges, expenses, indemnification claims and payments, and other like amounts payable to Bank pursuant to the Senior Loan Documents.
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