Senior Loan

Example Definitions of "Senior Loan"
Senior Loan. That certain construction loan from Senior Lender to Borrower in the stated principal amount of $120,000,000.00.
Senior Loan. Means that senior loan made by Payee to Maker on the date hereof in the original principal amount of $430,000.00, as evidenced by a Senior Promissory note
Senior Loan. Shall mean that certain loan in the amount of $80,000,000 made by the Senior Lender to the Maker
Senior Loan. The up to $40,391,200.00 credit facility provided pursuant to the Senior Loan Agreement, as the same may be amended, modified, increased, consolidated, restated or replaced as provided herein.
Senior Loan. All obligations, liabilities and indebtedness of every nature of any Loan Party from time to time owed to the Senior Lenders under the Senior Loan Documents, whether now existing or hereafter created, including, without limitation, the principal amount of all debts, claims and indebtedness, accrued and unpaid interest and all fees, costs and expenses, whether primary, secondary, direct, contingent, fixed or otherwise, heretofore, now and from time to time hereafter owing, due or payable,... whether before or after the filing of a Proceeding under the Bankruptcy Code, together with (a) any amendments, modifications, renewals or extensions thereof, and (b) any interest accruing thereon after the commencement of a Proceeding, without regard to whether or not such interest is an allowed claim. View More
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