Senior Subordinated Obligations

Example Definitions of "Senior Subordinated Obligations"
Senior Subordinated Obligations. Collectively, all Obligations (as defined in the Senior Subordinated Credit Agreement) and all other obligations owing, due, or secured under the terms of the Senior Subordinated Credit Agreement, or any other Senior Subordinated Loan Document, whether now existing or arising hereafter, including all principal, premium, interest, fees, attorneys' fees, costs, charges, expenses, reimbursement obligations, indemnities, guarantees, and all other amounts payable under or secured by any Senior... Subordinated Loan Document or in respect thereof (including, in each case, all amounts accruing on or after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding relating to any Obligor, or that would have accrued or become due under the terms of the Senior Subordinated Loan Documents but for the effect of the Insolvency Proceeding or other applicable law, and irrespective of whether a claim for all or any portion of such amounts is allowable or allowed in such Insolvency Proceeding) View More
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