Senior Unsecured Notes

Example Definitions of "Senior Unsecured Notes"
Senior Unsecured Notes. Shall mean up to $220,000,000 of Senior Notes due 2014 to be issued by United Refining under the Indenture, provided that the interest rate to be paid on such Senior Notes shall not exceed 10.75%.
Senior Unsecured Notes. Senior unsecured notes in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $600,000,000 issued or to be issued by Sanchez, and guaranteed by the other Borrowers and their Subsidiaries, in one or more Rule 144A or other private placement offerings.
Senior Unsecured Notes. Debt in the form of unsecured senior or senior subordinated notes issued by the Borrower or the Parent Guarantor in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $1,000,000,000 at any one time outstanding, including exchange notes issued in exchange therefor pursuant to any registration rights agreement (it being agreed that any such exchange or offer to exchange shall not constitute a Redemption or an offer to Redeem for purposes of this Agreement), and, in each case, any guarantees thereof by a... Guarantor (and, in the case of Senior Unsecured Notes issued by the Parent Guarantor, any guarantee thereof by the Borrower); provided that (a) at the time of incurring such Debt (i) no Default has occurred and is then continuing and (ii) no Default would result from the incurrence of such Debt after giving effect to the incurrence of such Debt (and any concurrent repayment, redemption or satisfaction and discharge of Debt with the proceeds of such incurrence and for the avoidance of doubt, including pro forma compliance with Section 9.01(a)), (b) such Debt does not have any scheduled amortization prior to 91 days after the Maturity Date, (c) such Debt does not mature sooner than 91 days after the Maturity Date, (d) the terms of such Debt are not materially more onerous, taken as a whole, than the terms of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, (e) such Debt and any guarantees thereof are on prevailing market terms for similarly situated companies and (f) the Borrowing Base is adjusted as contemplated by Section 2.07(f) if required pursuant thereto and the Borrower makes any prepayment required under Section 3.04(c)(iii) View More
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