Separate Group Taxable Loss

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Separate Group Taxable Loss. With respect to a Group, such Group's Taxable loss computed as if such Group were a separate consolidated, combined or unitary group, and applying such Tax principles, including limitations and carryovers (excluding limits for charitable contributions and dividends received deduction, and accounting for deferred intercompany transactions consistent with the deferral and recognition rules of Treasury Regulations Section 1.1502-13 (or any successor rule) or analogous state or local rule), that... would have been applicable to such Group had such Group never been part of the Consolidated Group or any other consolidated, combined or unitary group. In the context of state and local tax, Separate Group Taxable Loss shall be computed prior to the application of any apportionment formula. Additionally, to the extent a member of a Group has a net operating loss or any other Tax attribute that was created prior to becoming a member of the Group but can be carried forward and used by the Group (in the context of state or local law, either before or after apportionment, as determined under applicable law), such attribute will factor into the Group's calculation of Separate Group Taxable Loss (taking into account any applicable limitations on the use thereof) View More
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